BREAKING: Girl going to gigs actually has NO interest in sleeping with band members

Contrary to popular belief, a new study has found that girls who go to gigs don't actually want to sleep with band members, crew, or any male within a ten foot radius. Shockingly it has emerged that they just want to have fun and might actually be FANS of the band. Josh, 18, a self… Continue reading BREAKING: Girl going to gigs actually has NO interest in sleeping with band members


Scotland adventures

I've been to Scotland loads, with family and by myself for gigs (always in Glasgow) but this time I got to do two days in Edinburgh too. I think I bitched about trains on a previous travelling post of mine? Well my friends, there's more. A train to Edinburgh, that's all I wanted. Change at… Continue reading Scotland adventures

What do I actually enjoy?

Besides copious amounts of pizza and having a good old whinge on Twitter. This was asked last week in my master's class. What do we talk about with our mates, as a way of generating ideas. Ideas are an endangered species in my brain at the minute. It's...I know what I would like to do,… Continue reading What do I actually enjoy?

BONKERS new beauty trend tried by THREE people takes Instagram by STORM

A bonkers new beauty trend has been sweeping Instagram - the lipstick face. That's right, beauty bloggers with at least 17 followers have been covering their faces in lipstick. So far an incredible three people have dared to try the absolutely bonkers trend. "I was drunk last Saturday, I'd gone out with my mate Stacy… Continue reading BONKERS new beauty trend tried by THREE people takes Instagram by STORM

‘ber songs – October

IT'S HALLOWEEN. The elite. Carlsberg don’t make months but if they did, it’d be October. We’ve survived the limbo of September and everything is cooling down nicely, but it isn’t freezing yet. Leaves are turning orange, Halloween is in the air. Truly beautiful. Sit yourself down with a pumpkin spice Baileys and have a listen to… Continue reading ‘ber songs – October

If you say master’s degree three times in a mirror….

...I appear because it's week three my friends. I think this week my head is a bit like ordering a meat feast pizza, and then when it arrives 40 minutes later you're not sure you want it anymore. What do I actually want to do? God that's like asking the meaning of life. Crystal ball… Continue reading If you say master’s degree three times in a mirror….

Useful sources for my master’s degree

Okay so five sources I can use for my master's degree project. Here we go. Kerrang! magazine Kerrang! isn't always something I agree with anymore. There are elements that work well, and elements I just fail to understand. It is however highly successful and has managed to survive since 1981. It's a weekly publication and… Continue reading Useful sources for my master’s degree

Walk walk fashion baby

Your student loan has hit or you've finally made it to the end of the month and it's sweet, sweet payday. Get yourself online and take advantage of all the 20% off offers. So what if you have half a wardrobe full of clothes you've never worn, you need new clothes and you need them… Continue reading Walk walk fashion baby