Student considering permanent gap year

A university student is mulling over the possibility of taking a gap year forever. After two long, hard years of doing the bare minimum and getting plastered every night, the student feels fully equipped for a lifetime holiday. "I've grafted for the past two years and I'm predicted a solid 3rd class degree. The skills… Continue reading Student considering permanent gap year


Albums of the year

Albums of the year posts are like buses - you wait all year and then 576 pop up all in one go. Here's another for you. Paramore - After Laughter LOW KEY. NO PRESSURE. JUST HANG WITH ME AND MY WEATHER. Play Rose-Colored Boy at my funeral. Play it at my wedding. Play it every… Continue reading Albums of the year

Christmas gifts for the unforgiving

That's right, it's Christmas. As soon as December descends, deck me with tinsel I'm going all out. Apparently Christmas is a time for forgiving, which sounds fake to me, but if you really want to give it a go, consider wrapping one of the following up for that person you can't stand. Anti moaning breath… Continue reading Christmas gifts for the unforgiving

When life hands you lemons

chill out because you're probably just overreacting. My friends. Mistakes have been made. In the process however, I've actually done more work than I thought I had. All that research, the super in depth stuff I have? That's the report. The research is a more chill supporting thing, like screen shots of websites, questionnaires, photos… Continue reading When life hands you lemons

‘ber songs – December

December Deck the halls? Deck EVERYTHING. It’s Chriiiiiistmas! The best time of year after Halloween. Food, drink and presents – my three favourite things. God bless and let’s go. All Time Low – Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass Been dumped leading up to Christmas? Screw ’em, play this loud and thank your lucky stars that’s… Continue reading ‘ber songs – December

….and on the seventh day, God created

the Yorkshire pudding wrap. He bestowed upon us pure joy in the form of food. As God sat on his cloud and surveyed everything he had created over the past week, a tear came to his eye as he clocked the Yorkshire pudding wrap. True beauty. "When my people bite into the wrap, they will… Continue reading ….and on the seventh day, God created

Family content with Black Friday bankruptcy

A British family of four have spoken proudly about going bankrupt this morning at 4am. While most of us were sound asleep, the Brigget family had fired up every laptop, iPad and smartphone they own to catch some Black Friday deals online. Samantha Brigget sits on a cardboard box on the lawn, her husband Joe… Continue reading Family content with Black Friday bankruptcy

Band launches new pay to work scheme

A washed up, not even relevant at a throwback club night, band have today launched a radical new scheme exclusively for fans - you can pay to work for them. After the uproar over paid VIP, the band have taken the next logical step and decided to try and tackle the problem head on. We… Continue reading Band launches new pay to work scheme

Srs bsns

La la la. Another week, another question everything episode. It's just.....keeping morale up. I remember my primary school headteacher saying that if I applied myself I could be intelligent, but unfortunately I was lazy. The lazy part is definitely true, it stems from well if I don't try then I won't fail. I could put… Continue reading Srs bsns