Lads holiday to Magaluf actually a civilised affair

A Maga Walk of Shame Facebook page has hit the headlines this week for showing holidaymakers in what can only be described as absolute states. Magaluf has long had a reputation for being the place to go if you want a cheap holiday that's a bit like one long student night in the sun. One… Continue reading Lads holiday to Magaluf actually a civilised affair


Amazon shopper spends £973 to get free delivery

A local woman has bagged the steal of the century today after she managed to get over £900 worth of goods delivered absolutely FREE. The savvy shopper spoke to The Moon newspaper about her bargain buys. "I only wanted a bulb for my lava lamp but at £4.19 it wasn't enough to qualify for free… Continue reading Amazon shopper spends £973 to get free delivery

Self service machine sick of your shit

Today self service machines up and down the country have voted to stage a three day strike. The news was greeted by applause from consumers, but it remains to be seen how much they'll enjoy having to wait in a mile long queue. At a press conference outside a Tesco Metro they stated their reasons… Continue reading Self service machine sick of your shit

Mary Poppins Returns – the biggest horror film of 2018 confirmed

Mary Poppins is set to make her long awaited return to the big screen next year, and everyone assumes it'll be another heartwarming family affair. We have it on good authority however that it's going to be the exact opposite - a horror film, the biggest of 2018. Our source told us, "I mean we… Continue reading Mary Poppins Returns – the biggest horror film of 2018 confirmed

Mirror mirror on the wall…

.....who's the 13th of them all? That's right, Peter Capaldi is off and we're getting a new Doctor in town. Speculation is rife and it pains me to say this, but it isn't me. I know, I know, huge mistake. Whatever it's fine as long as the 13th Doctor is one of the following. Theresa… Continue reading Mirror mirror on the wall…

Three classic games that need a comeback

Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy has been a huge success, but then who ever doubted it? An absolute classic game from people's childhoods that a new generation can now enjoy too. After shouting I want to die, fuck this game, how did I ever cope with this when I was a child???? and rage quitting to… Continue reading Three classic games that need a comeback


A woman in her mid 20s has apparently gone on a manhunt for a groom. The brunette was last seen stalking the Manchester high street armed with a giant fishing net and wearing a wedding dress. As terrified men took cover in nearby shops, we cornered the mystery woman for an insight into her motives.… Continue reading BREAKING: CRAZED WOMAN ON THE LOOSE

Celebrity Big Brother line up leaked?!

With Celebrity Big Brother just around the corner, Channel 5 have been keeping the line up a closely guarded secret. So basically, they've been dropping hints left, right and centre in a bid to stir up interest in a failing show. We see you. What delights are in store this time? Let's take a look… Continue reading Celebrity Big Brother line up leaked?!