Three classic games that need a comeback

Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy has been a huge success, but then who ever doubted it? An absolute classic game from people’s childhoods that a new generation can now enjoy too. After shouting I want to die, fuck this game, how did I ever cope with this when I was a child???? and rage quitting to play Episode Prompto more than once, I’ve just finished all three games. Here are three more that I think are well worth a comeback shout.


I loved that stupid purple dragon but my god did he get on my nerves. Those gliding levels handled like hell and I definitely wasted a chunk of my pocket money on holiday trying to get a Spyro from a crane machine. Having said all of that, along with the Crash Bandicoot series (and Tomb Raider, which we’ll get to later) the Spyro series took up most of my time. There’s just something so addictive about collecting gems and breathing fire on vases. You can even go in the water – did you hear that Crash? This little fella needs to come back, I would take any Spyro game but you can’t go wrong with Spyro, Ripto’s Rage and Year of the Dragon. Man now I miss playing as Sheila and the burning hate I had for Bianca. Shhh shh, if you listen closely you can almost hear the noise the gems make. If Spyro gets announced for a remaster I might cry, until then let’s just hope.

Final-Fantasy-IXFinal Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy is probably my favourite franchise ever. Yea it’s had some sticky moments, but the latest instalment Final Fantasy XV is so good that I’m still playing now. The main story I completed a while back but I’m hooked on the side quests, the character episodes they’re releasing, and just generally cruising around in the Regalia for the fun of it. Final Fantasy IX was the first Final Fantasy I owned myself, and maybe part of the reason why it’s my favourite. I bought it from a second hand shop and I played that game to the death. All I truly want in life is a remastered version for the PS4/Xbox. The game has been released for Android, IOS, PC – basically everything but. Just let me relive Zidane and Garnet’s story, just give me this one thing.


tomb_raider_1_boxTomb Raider 1-3

Tomb Raider games are still big sellers and still going strong now. Down the years Lara has gone from fighting a T Rex to the more realistic streets of Paris. These days we’ve seen a more simplistic approach to Lara’s adventures, as she’s stripped back to her early days. There hasn’t been a single Tomb Raider game I haven’t enjoyed (yes, even The Angel of Darkness). Tomb Raider 1-3 are arguably the games that everyone remembers the most. That opening level with the wolves and bats in TR1, Venice in TR2, and the Croft mansion in TR3. Imagine locking the butler in the freezer in full HD on your PS4/Xbox. The glory days are back my friends. Well, not yet, but we can hope.

Bonus – The original Banjo-Kazooie needs to come to Switch. You can disagree but just know that you’re wrong.



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