Amazon shopper spends £973 to get free delivery

A local woman has bagged the steal of the century today after she managed to get over £900 worth of goods delivered absolutely FREE. The savvy shopper spoke to The Moon newspaper about her bargain buys.

“I only wanted a bulb for my lava lamp but at £4.19 it wasn’t enough to qualify for free delivery, it has to be £20 or over. Lisa down the road has that Amazon Prime but it sounds like a load of shit to me, so I bought a couple of books off my wish list too. Then I remembered it’s my hamster’s birthday next week so I got him a mini sash. There’s a dreadful draft that comes through the bottom of my bedroom door, so I also bought a draught excluder. It’s a snake one. I thought it was quite jazzy. Also my daughter says I should be more open to new technology, so I got one of those iPads and a PS4 plus PSVR. Apparently you can explore the ocean from the comfort of your own sofa. Madness. Thank god for free delivery.”




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