Lads holiday to Magaluf actually a civilised affair

A Maga Walk of Shame Facebook page has hit the headlines this week for showing holidaymakers in what can only be described as absolute states. Magaluf has long had a reputation for being the place to go if you want a cheap holiday that’s a bit like one long student night in the sun. One group of lads however booked a week long trip to Magaluf and had a completely different experience.

Edward, 21, a student at Oxford and chess champion, told us, “Nathaniel and I got chatting one day over a china tea cup of Earl Grey about our next holiday. Magaluf was decided because we have been practically everywhere imaginable, but never Magaluf. It’s a charming place really, I took my magnetic chess board and whittled away the hours playing on the beach.”

When asked if they got smashed off their faces on dodgy vodka, Charles said, “Oh good heavens no. We were in bed by 7:30pm every night because we like to get up early and do a spot of yoga. Edward actually befriended a wonderful chap called Dave The Rave who gave us all henna tattoos. I got pi to 4 decimal points, and it is wrong and seems to have scarred me for life, but the fellow didn’t mean any harm I’m sure.”

Nathaniel, the self confessed James Dean of the group because he once stole a pen from Argos in 1999, even found the time to take in a local museum. “I asked this girl for directions who appeared to be sunbathing on the pavement in a pool of her own vomit. She told me to fuck off and get bent, but I did eventually find the museum….twelve miles outside of Magaluf. To be perfectly honest with you though, Magaluf is a work of art all by itself. Culture personified.”


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