Three things the Dear David guy can do

In case you've been living under a rock, the Dear David...story? is all over Twitter right now. Basically Twitter user moby_dickhead¬†(Adam Ellis) posted a thread about how his apartment is haunted, and everyone is hooked waiting to see if he survives night after night. By complete coincidence I'm sure, Adam is releasing a book next… Continue reading Three things the Dear David guy can do

New York gallery

You know it was a good holiday when you've come home with $2. July 29th - August 6th I was in New York and loved it, took a million photos that I'm too lazy to edit and put on Flickr right now so here, have some in this gallery.

New York, I love you

A week ago I got back from my first trip to America, eight days in New York. ¬†I ate a lot of food, walked a lot (the subway makes no sense I'm telling you) and internally bitched about the heat and humidity. Had the time of my life. Here's what went down. Where did I… Continue reading New York, I love you