Useful sources for my master’s degree

Okay so five sources I can use for my master's degree project. Here we go. Kerrang! magazine Kerrang! isn't always something I agree with anymore. There are elements that work well, and elements I just fail to understand. It is however highly successful and has managed to survive since 1981. It's a weekly publication and… Continue reading Useful sources for my master’s degree


Walk walk fashion baby

Your student loan has hit or you've finally made it to the end of the month and it's sweet, sweet payday. Get yourself online and take advantage of all the 20% off offers. So what if you have half a wardrobe full of clothes you've never worn, you need new clothes and you need them… Continue reading Walk walk fashion baby

Realising I’m actually old now

Last night I went to see Waterparks in Manchester. The second I stepped off the train it started raining, I bought a brolly that got destroyed by the wind approximately five minutes after putting it up, and I made the mistake of choosing nachos instead of fries at Taco Bell and was too awkward to… Continue reading Realising I’m actually old now

Attempting a masters degree part two

Week two of the master's degree. This week we went through research techniques. You might think I know what I'm doing when it comes to research because I have the bachelors degree, but it's been a minute and this is a level up. So I'm glad we're going over...the basics, I guess you could call… Continue reading Attempting a masters degree part two

My usual haunt for a day – Manchester

Manchester, my fave. I could go on a 22 page rant about the trains, but I'll settle for a few sentences. Why do I have to book a hotel for the night when a gig is on a Sunday, because the last train home is quarter past nine. Are you having a laugh. I live… Continue reading My usual haunt for a day – Manchester

Short lived Liverpool adventures

Two things - I never thought I'd be in a wild mosh pit to a Beatles song, I didn't know the OHHH JEREMY CORBYN chant was alive and kicking still. Long live Jezza? I've been to Liverpool a few times. At college we used to go every year to visit the Tate Gallery. It's shit… Continue reading Short lived Liverpool adventures

Ryanair staff actually members of hardcore band

Ryanair are cancelling 40-50 flights a day for the next six weeks, and speculation is rife about the reason why. Churning out the usual PR drivel, Ryanair have said it's to do with staff holiday allocation. Apparently everyone fancies a holiday at the same time, and Ryanair couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery if… Continue reading Ryanair staff actually members of hardcore band

CONFIRMED – New tenners worth more than £10

It has today been confirmed that the new £10 note will be worth £20.  Dedicated men and women up and down the country have been queueing outside banks to get their hands on a £10 note, and now it looks like it could all be worth it. One jubilant note enthusiast said, "Yea they're actually… Continue reading CONFIRMED – New tenners worth more than £10

Row row row your boat gently down Deansgate

I just feel you all need to know the sequence of events that started with me innocently wanting to go see IT, and then catch the Nothing But Thieves acoustic instore/signing, and ended with me looking like a garden gnome after a stroll through a carwash. Okay so I knew the weather was going to… Continue reading Row row row your boat gently down Deansgate