Alternative trick or treat

Ghouls and witches aren't the only things that crawl out of the woodwork on Halloween - children, children everywhere. Little darlings who want sweets for free. Listen kid, nothing in this life is free. You might be all innocent and charmed by the world now, but just you wait. In fact, I'm going to make… Continue reading Alternative trick or treat


I bet you think this blog is about you

Well, it isn't. It's about me and my master's degree. This week was the...clarification week. I had a one to one chat with my tutor, and attended an O2 Insight Into Music event at the O2 in London. For the past few weeks I've been stressing myself out a lot. Idea I need an idea… Continue reading I bet you think this blog is about you


One week left and then we have hit the official best day of the entire year. Crack the pumpkins out, we're going all IN. Every year I get a little sad that we don't celebrate it as much as America, have you seen the shit they do? We need to get on their level. I've… Continue reading H A L L O W E E N F I L M S

Fleece Merchants announce VIP packages

As the trend of bands charging fans for a meet and greet shows no sign of slowing down, the latest band to join the bandwagon is Fleece Merchants. The up and comers sold out at least three dates of their previous seventy two date tour, so it only makes sense. Fleece Merchants were kind enough… Continue reading Fleece Merchants announce VIP packages

Wolverhampton and the…interesting hotel

Ah, Wolverhampton. I've been before so was already aware that there isn't exactly loads to do to kill the hours before a gig. My plan was to stay in my hotel room until doors, watch some stuff on Netflix, just relax. Then I saw the hotel room. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting… Continue reading Wolverhampton and the…interesting hotel

Tall people at gigs definitely out to ruin your day

After years of claiming it isn't their fault that they're tall, and that there's nothing they can do about it, a new interview has come to light that suggests otherwise. It appears that actually, that lanky bastard in front of you at the show ENJOYS ruining your experience. Louise, 25, a professional view blocker, said,… Continue reading Tall people at gigs definitely out to ruin your day

BREAKING: Girl going to gigs actually has NO interest in sleeping with band members

Contrary to popular belief, a new study has found that girls who go to gigs don't actually want to sleep with band members, crew, or any male within a ten foot radius. Shockingly it has emerged that they just want to have fun and might actually be FANS of the band. Josh, 18, a self… Continue reading BREAKING: Girl going to gigs actually has NO interest in sleeping with band members