BONKERS new beauty trend tried by THREE people takes Instagram by STORM

A bonkers new beauty trend has been sweeping Instagram - the lipstick face. That's right, beauty bloggers with at least 17 followers have been covering their faces in lipstick. So far an incredible three people have dared to try the absolutely bonkers trend. "I was drunk last Saturday, I'd gone out with my mate Stacy… Continue reading BONKERS new beauty trend tried by THREE people takes Instagram by STORM


Walk walk fashion baby

Your student loan has hit or you've finally made it to the end of the month and it's sweet, sweet payday. Get yourself online and take advantage of all the 20% off offers. So what if you have half a wardrobe full of clothes you've never worn, you need new clothes and you need them… Continue reading Walk walk fashion baby

Excellent GCSE results will now be required to carry on living

New reports are emerging that from today if you don't have a C or above in all GCSE subjects, you'll no longer have access to life. Those who haven't achieved the required grades will be given one more opportunity to prove they have what it takes to live, but if they fail again then their… Continue reading Excellent GCSE results will now be required to carry on living

Peter Pan “I still don’t give a flying -“

Growing up and being a responsible adult is just a mugs game, according to the poster boy of recklessness - Peter Pan. Financial stability? He reckons he isn't "bothered at all mate, so long as I can afford a Two for Tuesday" and he's just along for the ride. "Tinker Bell sold out 20 years… Continue reading Peter Pan “I still don’t give a flying -“

Three things the Dear David guy can do

In case you've been living under a rock, the Dear David...story? is all over Twitter right now. Basically Twitter user moby_dickhead (Adam Ellis) posted a thread about how his apartment is haunted, and everyone is hooked waiting to see if he survives night after night. By complete coincidence I'm sure, Adam is releasing a book next… Continue reading Three things the Dear David guy can do

Lads holiday to Magaluf actually a civilised affair

A Maga Walk of Shame Facebook page has hit the headlines this week for showing holidaymakers in what can only be described as absolute states. Magaluf has long had a reputation for being the place to go if you want a cheap holiday that's a bit like one long student night in the sun. One… Continue reading Lads holiday to Magaluf actually a civilised affair

Amazon shopper spends £973 to get free delivery

A local woman has bagged the steal of the century today after she managed to get over £900 worth of goods delivered absolutely FREE. The savvy shopper spoke to The Moon newspaper about her bargain buys. "I only wanted a bulb for my lava lamp but at £4.19 it wasn't enough to qualify for free… Continue reading Amazon shopper spends £973 to get free delivery

Self service machine sick of your shit

Today self service machines up and down the country have voted to stage a three day strike. The news was greeted by applause from consumers, but it remains to be seen how much they'll enjoy having to wait in a mile long queue. At a press conference outside a Tesco Metro they stated their reasons… Continue reading Self service machine sick of your shit


A woman in her mid 20s has apparently gone on a manhunt for a groom. The brunette was last seen stalking the Manchester high street armed with a giant fishing net and wearing a wedding dress. As terrified men took cover in nearby shops, we cornered the mystery woman for an insight into her motives.… Continue reading BREAKING: CRAZED WOMAN ON THE LOOSE