Three things the Dear David guy can do

In case you've been living under a rock, the Dear David...story? is all over Twitter right now. Basically Twitter user moby_dickhead (Adam Ellis) posted a thread about how his apartment is haunted, and everyone is hooked waiting to see if he survives night after night. By complete coincidence I'm sure, Adam is releasing a book next… Continue reading Three things the Dear David guy can do

Lads holiday to Magaluf actually a civilised affair

A Maga Walk of Shame Facebook page has hit the headlines this week for showing holidaymakers in what can only be described as absolute states. Magaluf has long had a reputation for being the place to go if you want a cheap holiday that's a bit like one long student night in the sun. One… Continue reading Lads holiday to Magaluf actually a civilised affair

Amazon shopper spends £973 to get free delivery

A local woman has bagged the steal of the century today after she managed to get over £900 worth of goods delivered absolutely FREE. The savvy shopper spoke to The Moon newspaper about her bargain buys. "I only wanted a bulb for my lava lamp but at £4.19 it wasn't enough to qualify for free… Continue reading Amazon shopper spends £973 to get free delivery

Self service machine sick of your shit

Today self service machines up and down the country have voted to stage a three day strike. The news was greeted by applause from consumers, but it remains to be seen how much they'll enjoy having to wait in a mile long queue. At a press conference outside a Tesco Metro they stated their reasons… Continue reading Self service machine sick of your shit


A woman in her mid 20s has apparently gone on a manhunt for a groom. The brunette was last seen stalking the Manchester high street armed with a giant fishing net and wearing a wedding dress. As terrified men took cover in nearby shops, we cornered the mystery woman for an insight into her motives.… Continue reading BREAKING: CRAZED WOMAN ON THE LOOSE