Scotland adventures

I've been to Scotland loads, with family and by myself for gigs (always in Glasgow) but this time I got to do two days in Edinburgh too. I think I bitched about trains on a previous travelling post of mine? Well my friends, there's more. A train to Edinburgh, that's all I wanted. Change at… Continue reading Scotland adventures


What do I actually enjoy?

Besides copious amounts of pizza and having a good old whinge on Twitter. This was asked last week in my master's class. What do we talk about with our mates, as a way of generating ideas. Ideas are an endangered species in my brain at the minute. It's...I know what I would like to do,… Continue reading What do I actually enjoy?

If you say master’s degree three times in a mirror….

...I appear because it's week three my friends. I think this week my head is a bit like ordering a meat feast pizza, and then when it arrives 40 minutes later you're not sure you want it anymore. What do I actually want to do? God that's like asking the meaning of life. Crystal ball… Continue reading If you say master’s degree three times in a mirror….

Useful sources for my master’s degree

Okay so five sources I can use for my master's degree project. Here we go. Kerrang! magazine Kerrang! isn't always something I agree with anymore. There are elements that work well, and elements I just fail to understand. It is however highly successful and has managed to survive since 1981. It's a weekly publication and… Continue reading Useful sources for my master’s degree

Realising I’m actually old now

Last night I went to see Waterparks in Manchester. The second I stepped off the train it started raining, I bought a brolly that got destroyed by the wind approximately five minutes after putting it up, and I made the mistake of choosing nachos instead of fries at Taco Bell and was too awkward to… Continue reading Realising I’m actually old now

Attempting a master’s degree part two

Week two of the master's degree. This week we went through research techniques. You might think I know what I'm doing when it comes to research because I have the bachelors degree, but it's been a minute and this is a level up. So I'm glad we're going over...the basics, I guess you could call… Continue reading Attempting a master’s degree part two

My usual haunt for a day – Manchester

Manchester, my fave. I could go on a 22 page rant about the trains, but I'll settle for a few sentences. Why do I have to book a hotel for the night when a gig is on a Sunday, because the last train home is quarter past nine. Are you having a laugh. I live… Continue reading My usual haunt for a day – Manchester

Short lived Liverpool adventures

Two things - I never thought I'd be in a wild mosh pit to a Beatles song, I didn't know the OHHH JEREMY CORBYN chant was alive and kicking still. Long live Jezza? I've been to Liverpool a few times. At college we used to go every year to visit the Tate Gallery. It's shit… Continue reading Short lived Liverpool adventures