When life hands you lemons

chill out because you're probably just overreacting. My friends. Mistakes have been made. In the process however, I've actually done more work than I thought I had. All that research, the super in depth stuff I have? That's the report. The research is a more chill supporting thing, like screen shots of websites, questionnaires, photos… Continue reading When life hands you lemons


Walking in a winter wonderland

Just walking. A lot. Walking everywhere. My life flashed before my eyes halfway up the stairs at Hyde Park. I am a soft potato I'm not cut out for this, my exercise is going to shows. I'm also tight though so will walk everywhere because it's free, and also I like seeing things. It was… Continue reading Walking in a winter wonderland

U to the N to the I

I'm just out here, trying to get a masters degree still, just minding my own damn business. Not really, give me the gossip. My gossip this week is that I'm realising I might be on track? Maybe? After chatting to class mates I think we're all in the same boat and have basically all done… Continue reading U to the N to the I

The life and times of little Louise

The Spice Girls are reforming next year and I just think everyone needs to witness the photo of me next to someone in a bee costume, at a holiday camp reppin' that merch. Little me obsessed over Barbie, Polly Pocket, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hocus Pocus and Postman Pat. Also, Spice Girls. You know when… Continue reading The life and times of little Louise

The Exorcist on Halloween

Unfortunately I'm probably too old to go trick or treating now, and I'm not really one for going out in town. There's just something about paying to get into a shit club that's playing shit music and vomiting in the gutter at 3am, waking up £80 lighter and feeling like hell that doesn't appeal to… Continue reading The Exorcist on Halloween

Wolverhampton and the…interesting hotel

Ah, Wolverhampton. I've been before so was already aware that there isn't exactly loads to do to kill the hours before a gig. My plan was to stay in my hotel room until doors, watch some stuff on Netflix, just relax. Then I saw the hotel room. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting… Continue reading Wolverhampton and the…interesting hotel

Scotland adventures

I've been to Scotland loads, with family and by myself for gigs (always in Glasgow) but this time I got to do two days in Edinburgh too. I think I bitched about trains on a previous travelling post of mine? Well my friends, there's more. A train to Edinburgh, that's all I wanted. Change at… Continue reading Scotland adventures

What do I actually enjoy?

Besides copious amounts of pizza and having a good old whinge on Twitter. This was asked last week in my master's class. What do we talk about with our mates, as a way of generating ideas. Ideas are an endangered species in my brain at the minute. It's...I know what I would like to do,… Continue reading What do I actually enjoy?