Wolverhampton and the…interesting hotel

Ah, Wolverhampton. I've been before so was already aware that there isn't exactly loads to do to kill the hours before a gig. My plan was to stay in my hotel room until doors, watch some stuff on Netflix, just relax. Then I saw the hotel room. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting… Continue reading Wolverhampton and the…interesting hotel


Tall people at gigs definitely out to ruin your day

After years of claiming it isn't their fault that they're tall, and that there's nothing they can do about it, a new interview has come to light that suggests otherwise. It appears that actually, that lanky bastard in front of you at the show ENJOYS ruining your experience. Louise, 25, a professional view blocker, said,… Continue reading Tall people at gigs definitely out to ruin your day

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Remember when becoming famous required you to have a talent? These days it's enough to look good and know how to hashtag the shit out of photos. Social media is the one. Never before has there been so many useless jobs. Here are five ways you could stop the £7.50 an hour rot. Instafame There… Continue reading Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Taylor Swift’s Reputation to be limited to 250 copies

After gallantly taking a stand against ticket touts by swindling her fans out of even more money all by herself, Taylor Swift will now be limiting her album to just 250 copies worldwide. To get your hands on a copy you'll have to join an elaborate scheme where you first pay a £60 deposit to… Continue reading Taylor Swift’s Reputation to be limited to 250 copies

New York, I love you

A week ago I got back from my first trip to America, eight days in New York.  I ate a lot of food, walked a lot (the subway makes no sense I'm telling you) and internally bitched about the heat and humidity. Had the time of my life. Here's what went down. Where did I… Continue reading New York, I love you

Amazon shopper spends £973 to get free delivery

A local woman has bagged the steal of the century today after she managed to get over £900 worth of goods delivered absolutely FREE. The savvy shopper spoke to The Moon newspaper about her bargain buys. "I only wanted a bulb for my lava lamp but at £4.19 it wasn't enough to qualify for free… Continue reading Amazon shopper spends £973 to get free delivery