The Exorcist on Halloween

Unfortunately I'm probably too old to go trick or treating now, and I'm not really one for going out in town. There's just something about paying to get into a shit club that's playing shit music and vomiting in the gutter at 3am, waking up £80 lighter and feeling like hell that doesn't appeal to… Continue reading The Exorcist on Halloween


Alternative trick or treat

Ghouls and witches aren't the only things that crawl out of the woodwork on Halloween - children, children everywhere. Little darlings who want sweets for free. Listen kid, nothing in this life is free. You might be all innocent and charmed by the world now, but just you wait. In fact, I'm going to make… Continue reading Alternative trick or treat


One week left and then we have hit the official best day of the entire year. Crack the pumpkins out, we're going all IN. Every year I get a little sad that we don't celebrate it as much as America, have you seen the shit they do? We need to get on their level. I've… Continue reading H A L L O W E E N F I L M S

‘ber songs – October

IT'S HALLOWEEN. The elite. Carlsberg don’t make months but if they did, it’d be October. We’ve survived the limbo of September and everything is cooling down nicely, but it isn’t freezing yet. Leaves are turning orange, Halloween is in the air. Truly beautiful. Sit yourself down with a pumpkin spice Baileys and have a listen to… Continue reading ‘ber songs – October

Mary Poppins Returns – the biggest horror film of 2018 confirmed

Mary Poppins is set to make her long awaited return to the big screen next year, and everyone assumes it'll be another heartwarming family affair. We have it on good authority however that it's going to be the exact opposite - a horror film, the biggest of 2018. Our source told us, "I mean we… Continue reading Mary Poppins Returns – the biggest horror film of 2018 confirmed