Friends, we're sinking faster than the Titanic here. I had a one to one with my tutor yesterday and it wasn't even negative, and I felt okay about it, but now this morning I wanna tear my hair out a bit. A lot. The feedback was that I'm on the right track, the writing just… Continue reading Whaaaaaaaaaat


Srs bsns

La la la. Another week, another question everything episode. It's just.....keeping morale up. I remember my primary school headteacher saying that if I applied myself I could be intelligent, but unfortunately I was lazy. The lazy part is definitely true, it stems from well if I don't try then I won't fail. I could put… Continue reading Srs bsns

U to the N to the I

I'm just out here, trying to get a masters degree still, just minding my own damn business. Not really, give me the gossip. My gossip this week is that I'm realising I might be on track? Maybe? After chatting to class mates I think we're all in the same boat and have basically all done… Continue reading U to the N to the I

Skills gap analysis

When it's Sunday night and you remember you had homework this week. This is for the work practice module, so I think it's so we can find out what we'd like to learn throughout our work practice. What skills we're lacking and would like to develop, to then move forward with our projects and in… Continue reading Skills gap analysis

The life and times of little Louise

The Spice Girls are reforming next year and I just think everyone needs to witness the photo of me next to someone in a bee costume, at a holiday camp reppin' that merch. Little me obsessed over Barbie, Polly Pocket, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hocus Pocus and Postman Pat. Also, Spice Girls. You know when… Continue reading The life and times of little Louise

Wolverhampton and the…interesting hotel

Ah, Wolverhampton. I've been before so was already aware that there isn't exactly loads to do to kill the hours before a gig. My plan was to stay in my hotel room until doors, watch some stuff on Netflix, just relax. Then I saw the hotel room. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting… Continue reading Wolverhampton and the…interesting hotel

If you say masters degree three times in a mirror….

...I appear because it's week three my friends. I think this week my head is a bit like ordering a meat feast pizza, and then when it arrives 40 minutes later you're not sure you want it anymore. What do I actually want to do? God that's like asking the meaning of life. Crystal ball… Continue reading If you say masters degree three times in a mirror….

Useful sources for my master’s degree

Okay so five sources I can use for my master's degree project. Here we go. Kerrang! magazine Kerrang! isn't always something I agree with anymore. There are elements that work well, and elements I just fail to understand. It is however highly successful and has managed to survive since 1981. It's a weekly publication and… Continue reading Useful sources for my master’s degree