Realising I’m actually old now

Last night I went to see Waterparks in Manchester. The second I stepped off the train it started raining, I bought a brolly that got destroyed by the wind approximately five minutes after putting it up, and I made the mistake of choosing nachos instead of fries at Taco Bell and was too awkward to… Continue reading Realising I’m actually old now


My usual haunt for a day – Manchester

Manchester, my fave. I could go on a 22 page rant about the trains, but I'll settle for a few sentences. Why do I have to book a hotel for the night when a gig is on a Sunday, because the last train home is quarter past nine. Are you having a laugh. I live… Continue reading My usual haunt for a day – Manchester

Row row row your boat gently down Deansgate

I just feel you all need to know the sequence of events that started with me innocently wanting to go see IT, and then catch the Nothing But Thieves acoustic instore/signing, and ended with me looking like a garden gnome after a stroll through a carwash. Okay so I knew the weather was going to… Continue reading Row row row your boat gently down Deansgate


A woman in her mid 20s has apparently gone on a manhunt for a groom. The brunette was last seen stalking the Manchester high street armed with a giant fishing net and wearing a wedding dress. As terrified men took cover in nearby shops, we cornered the mystery woman for an insight into her motives.… Continue reading BREAKING: CRAZED WOMAN ON THE LOOSE